Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Course Description

This course discusses the basics every manager needs to organize successful technology-driven innovation in both entrepreneurial and established firms.


Main goal of this course is to examine how to build organizations that excel at identifying, building and commercializing technological innovations.

This course depends heavily on class participation. On the other hand attendance is totally voluntary. You will be awarded with bonus grades for quizzes, homework assignments, and blogging on the course website. Participation bonuses can accumulate up to 30% of your total grade. I will be using the MIT standards for attendance quality in which judgement is based on:

  1. your rigorous and insightful diagnosis (e.g. sharpening of key issues, depth and relevance of analysis);
  2. your ability to draw on course materials and your own experience productively;
  3. your ability to add substantively to class discussion and blog debate;
  4. your ability to use logic, precision, and evidence in making arguments.